The Economic Development Department oversees all development projects in the community as mandated by the Chief and Council. Economic development began as a grassroots initiative by Paqtnkek community members who identified potential areas the community could benefit with an eye on long term sustainability, thus giving birth to the Economic Development Strategy in 2006, establishing the department.

Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation’s vision is to create an economically self-sustaining community with financially independent members through the effective use of economic tools that maximize the available resources, respect the Mi’kmaw culture, and protect the environment while protecting and enhancing inherent rights of its community members.

Paqtnkek’s Economic Development Department is committed to creating and enhancing business relationships between the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation and all three levels of Government, along with other First Nation Partnerships to strengthen the local economy of Paqtnkek’s community. While economic stability is the ultimate goal, opportunities Paqtnkek engages in support the principles of respect for the land, the local culture, values and heritage in a socially responsible manner. The department works with stakeholders to strengthen its people through employment, training and skills development and to encourage entrepreneurship through initiatives that maximize potential for success.

Today as the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation twins sections of Highway 104, Paqtnkek is poised to capitalize on opportunities created with a new highway interchange that will bring increased traffic to the reserve in an area designated for commercial development. This major project will bring more jobs to community members and offer a unique insight to guests wishing to experience Mi’kmaw culture as they travel to and from Unama’ki.

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