The Paqtnkek Fisheries Enterprise maintains Paqtnkek’s cultural heritage through offering community members employment in a richly traditional field.  Community members have fished local waters for centuries to provide for their families. This way of life continues for employees of the Paqtnkek Fisheries Enterprise.

The company employs twenty community members who fish licences for lobster, Snow Crab, and herring from a fleet of five communal vessels.  Licences for lobster are located at Bayfield Wharf, Nova Scotia.  Snow Crab licenses are located at the Port of Cheticamp, 160kms north of the community.

In 2011, the Paqtnkek Fisheries Enterprise (PFE) created a ‘Fishery Advisory Committee’.  The Fishery Advisory Committee, comprised of community volunteers, offer their insight into ways to improve the fishery while protecting the natural assets of the local environment.  The dedication of this group serves to guarantee future generations will benefit from the local environment in a traditional cultural opportunity.

Habitat Restoration Project


Since 2011, the Paqtnkek Fisheries Enterprise has participated in a habitat restoration project by harnessing funds received from The Department of Highway and Infrastructure Renewal and the Adopt a Stream program, sponsored by the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission.

The Habitat Restoration project is geared to improve the aquatic habitat for fish and other wildlife living in or near Nova Scotia waterways.  Paqtnkek Fisheries Enterprises’ project consists of installing digger logs, cribs, and the removal of bedrock and debris in the Afton River. This process creates better spawning areas for local fish living in the river such as, Salmon, Trout and other species.

The Habitat Restoration Project provides nine weeks of employment for selected community youth, consisting of at least one post-secondary and three high school students during the summer months.

Paqtnkek currently owns and operates five communal commercial fishing vessels:

  • WHEELIN’ N DEALIN’, 45’ LOA, CapeIslander, 14.91 gt

  • HIGHLAND HUNTER, 45’ LOA, CapeIslander, 14.91 gt

  • CRISSY G., 35’ LOA Cape Islander, 10.57 gt

  • SHARRAN ANNE, 35’ LOA Cape Islander, 14.07 gt

  • MISS KIM I, 32’ LOA, CapeIslander, 8.55 gt

Contact Information:

Lynn Lafford Director of Fisheries

Paqtnkek Fisheries Enterprise
7 Dillon Street
Afton Station, NS
B0H 1A0

Telephone: 902-386-2781
Fax: 902-386-2043