New Paqtnkek Website Launched

We are proud to announce the launching of, the redesigned website. The new site has a number of features. These feature are going to facilitate better communication between the band, and the entire community. This blog is one of several key features that will allow us to communicate on a regular basis, so that the most recent information is available to everyone. The website is constructed using a WordPress content management system. Which multiple members of the community will be trained on, so individual departments, and organizations can maintain their web presence. Should they wish too.

Highland Multimedia has committed to ensuring that this tool will be supported in such a way that the whole community can contribute too. Almost all of the website can be customized to adjust text, photos, PDFs, and the addition and removal of pages.

If you have any suggestions or questions about this project we would welcome all feedback to

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    PLEASE SHARE CORRECTION to THURSDAY MARCH 16 schedule ****CLIMATE CHANGE WORKSHOP**** 11am to 1pm This workshop is for all ages and all community members are encouraged and welcome to attend. Lots of door prizes to be won. Snacks and refreshments to be provided (Kerry Prosper) ***COMMUNITY CRAFT DAY*** Variety of community crafters tables will be set up. Each will be helping with a specific craft TIME: 2PM TO 6PM Snacks and refreshments will be provided. (Mike Taylor) ***GROUND HOCKEY*** Grades Primary to 4 at the the Paqtnkek Health Center starting at 1pm.

    winners for the p-4 scavenger hunt is as follows: 1st place: Treyden, Takoda & Caseyjane 2nd place: Cali 3rd place: Brooklyn & Mika 4th place: Kailey & Daejah 5th place: Willow i will be handing out their winnings at the gym at 2pm!!!!!!!

    gym is open !!!!! Ursula is down there with the gym open till 10 pm

    ***FLYER CORRECTION*** Swimming on Wednesday March 15 we will be providing transportation. All children must be accompanied by a parent/adult. This is a family event. We have rented the pool at the Millenium Center and we will be having a pizza/subway party afterwards there. Swimming is from 3pm to 5pm The bus will be leaving at 2pm from the Paqtnkek Gym!!!!!

    PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IF YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO GET AIR IN DARTMOUTH U NEED TO FILL OUT AN ONLINE WAIVER AND HAVE TO SEND ME A COPY SO I KNOW WHO IS GOING!!!! SEND TO or send me a message or txt!!!! 902-870-1199... and you must fill out the buss waiver and bring it to the medical center today!!! please!!!

    Good Morning Paqtnkek😃🌞😃 There is a Information Session regarding Matrimonial Real Property Law. Come on over to the Band Office to hear about a very important Topic Starting soon